The Beautiful Scars ;
(We All Have a Scar)

We All Have A Scar

What's In A Name?

"Everybody's got a cut They want to hide, it's deep and dark and bruised a cloak of shame not pride. When the Sting becomes the Scream and your hours are spent alone, words become the poison and sleep The Killing Zone, We Are The Beautiful Scars"

Two Scars

KEVIN KNOPF: Singer/Song Writer/Guitarist/ Lead Vocal.


CURT ROCK: Drummer/Percussionist/Vocalist.        

Hit Pause, Breath and Hit Play!

The Beautiful Scars is a Mix Tape of 

Our Lives, Our  Ups , Our Downs and All The things that fill the Middle. 

Pause and Start Again ;

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Stay Beautiful !

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The Beautiful Scars ;